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The dangers of counting calories (Counting Calories: Part 1)

MyFitnessPal has been underfeeding women since 2005...

A lot of my clients, when they first started working with me, told me they'd tried counting calories...but they couldn't follow through, or they were always feeling ravenous...

Not surprised AT ALL!!

...considering they next told me they were restricting themselves to 800-1200 calories per day...(maybe one or two of them had a daily limit of 1500 calories)...but the recommended amount was 1800-2000 calories for an average female!

​Well, I have some bad news for you:

Counting calories not only leads to frustration, is counterproductive

But is also damaging to your progress, health, wellbeing, confidence and happiness...

​1. All-or-nothing mindset (aka black-and-white thinking)

Ever said to yourself "I've failed anyway, so why bother?"...and then went on to finish off all the "bad" foods?

In order to keep off the weight long-term, you NEED to learn flexibility...otherwise, what would you do when you're invited to restaurants, or go on holiday?

Counting calories is restrictive and doesn't prepare you for "real-world" eating...As soon as you lose these rules, you don't know what to eat and gain everything back.

2. Counting calories disconnects you from your body.

When you count calories, you start distrusting and disconnecting from your body. Instead of listening to your body's signals, you rely on your calorie limit to tell you when and what to eat. You are forcing your body to follow external diet rules, rather than giving your body what it actually needs. You are fighting with your body all the time.

​3. Calorie counting creates fear and anxiety.

Your friend offering you a biscuit? Oh no, can't have that because of those dreaded "unknown calories"!!

You get obsessed with what won't fit into your limit and what to avoid.

You live in fear because you're constantly worried about ruining your diet. Food is no longer's an's been reduced to a set of numbers.

4. Calories don't measure nutrients.

Calories are a measure of energy.

Calories say little about carbohydrates, protein and fats unless you read the nutrition label ...

Calories don't measure vitamins and minerals...essential for good health and proper functioning of the body...

1000 calories of Oreos vs 1000 calories of veggies...

​Same energy, different effects on health.

5. Long-term restriction can damage your metabolism.

Chronic calorie restriction makes it difficult to lose weight down the track. Even if you manage to lose weight in the short term, you're actually making it harder for yourself to keep it off in the future without starving yourself...not to mention, it's easy to gain everything back.

Guilt, shame, fear... that the life you envision for yourself?

Well, too bad, that's what a life of counting calories entails...

​This is part 1/2 of the Dangers of Counting Calories series. Check out part 2 here:

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Let's face it!

You're no longer in control of food,

👿👿👿👿 Food is in control. 👿👿👿👿

  • It numbs you from your emotions.

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