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Recipes: No added sugar desserts 食譜:無添加糖甜品


If you think having a huge sweet tooth is the reason you can't lose weight, then I can tell you you can't be more wrong.

從我花了十年多減肥失敗的奮鬥中,我意識到節食和剝奪自己是行不通的。長遠而言,很難持之以恆。只要一完成“diet” ,體重就反彈。

From my decade-long battle with yo-yo dieting, I've come to the realization that deprivation and restriction don't work and the weight loss results from depriving yourself are not sustainable.

所以我才寫了這本 “50款無添加糖簡易甜品” 食譜。無論你喜歡朱古力,蛋糕,布丁,雪糕還是蛋糕,總有一款合你心意。

Here are just 5 recipes from my "50 Easy No Added Sugar Desserts Cookbook"...Whether you're a chocoholic, a pudding person, or a cake lover, there's something for you.


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