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Meet Mr Socks!

Meow! Hello there, I'm Mr. Socks, the purring feline who loves to snuggle up with my beloved family. I'm technically a stray but I get fed and loved every day by these loving hoomans I call "family"

I may be eight years old, but I still have plenty of energy left to play and explore the world around me.

My hoo-mans have been feeding me for a few years now, and I must say, they are the best humans I could ever ask for!

They make sure I have plenty of food, clean water, and a cozy place to sleep...although this is pretty much the first time I've been in my wooden house ever since they got it for me a few years ago.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is, they give me the love and attention I need.

When I'm not napping, you can find me lounging on the windowsill, watching my hoomans nap indoors. I'm perfectly content just watching them from a safe distance.

I love chasing my hooman's other fur-baby Charlotte but she's not a huge fan of me.

Although I'm a bit of a homebody, I do enjoy the occasional adventure. Sometimes I'll sneak into my hoomans' house through the backyard, maybe even into their bedrooms... just to see how long it takes them to find me.

Overall, I'm just a happy-go-lucky cat who loves to be loved. If you're ever in need of a snuggle or a purr, just come find me - I'll be waiting...with my tummy rolling up!

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