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Mango (and Mango Shrimp Skewer)


👩🏾‍🍳❓I want to know! When was the last time you 1) bought a mango or 2) ate anything with mango in it?

✅ Not only do mangos bring a sweet and exotic flavor to the table, but they also contain a surprisingly long list of vitamins and minerals, as well as good-for-you antioxidants and plant compounds!

💛 They contain factors that help boost your immune system, promote healthy heart function, support your vision, help keep your hair and skin healthy, AND fight cancer!

💡 If you want to take a recipe to the next level, think about adding mangos to it.

✅ Some ideas: salsa … smoothies … fruit salad … stirred into yogurt … or make a quick chutney that you can stir into bean dishes or serve with chicken or fish. Or you can just eat it as is! Yum!

Download your free recipe here

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