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Lower Conversion Rates Putting You Off From Evergreen Webinars?

A Numbers Game:

Automated Webinars Can Generate MORE Revenue Than Live Webinars... Without the Burnout and Stress...

Are you hesitant to switch from the live launching model to automated webinars because you're worried about lower conversion rates?

It's often said that live webinars have a higher conversion rate of about 10%, but let's look at this from another perspective.

Online business is a numbers game.

While live webinars may convert at a higher rate, there's a limit to how often you can do a webinar (as a coach or course creator, your time and energy are valuable), how often you can promote without burning out your audience and how many people can attend (there's never a time that works for everyone)....

And if you want to take a vacation, or maternity leave or sick leave, too bad...your business is pretty much brought to a standstill...

Let me share some numbers that will hopefully change your mind about evergreen webinars.

If you have a live webinar that attracts 100 attendees, and you host this every month, even if you convert 10% of them, that's only 10 sales.

On the other hand, with automated webinars, you can reach a much larger audience.

Let's say you have an automated webinar that runs 24/7 and attracts 1000 visitors per month.

If you convert just 5% of them, that's already 50 sales.

Automated webinars may have a lower conversion rate,

But the show-up rate is higher...because they can be watched anytime, anywhere...they are flexible...

Even if the conversion rate is lower than a live webinar, the increased number of people who can tune in to your automated webinar means you can make more money without constantly going live.

As you can see, even with a lower conversion rate, an automated webinar can still generate more sales than a live webinar.

The best thing can allocate your time and energy to other important tasks in your business (or spend more time with your loved ones!)

If you're considering using an automated webinar software for your business,

the benefits are manifold.

Here are just a few:

  1. Reach a larger audience: As we mentioned earlier, automated webinars allow you to reach a larger audience than live ones. With a well-optimized automated webinar, you can potentially reach thousands of people every week.

  2. Increase revenue: By reaching a larger audience, you also have the potential to make more sales. While a live webinar may convert at a higher rate, an automated webinar can potentially make more money due to the larger number of people who can tune in.

  3. Save time and resources: With an automated webinar, you can set it up once and let it run on autopilot. This frees up your time to focus on other aspects of your business and can save you resources in the long run.

Ready to get started?

WebinarKit is designed to help you set up and run automated webinars that convert.

With features like high-converting registration pages, on-demand replays, and automatic email reminders and follow-up, you can play this numbers game much better and reach a wider audience and make more sales...

It's not a question of whether you "should"?

If you are looking to build a scalable business, you MUST.

Don't let the fear of lower conversion rates hold you back from reaching your goals.

Get started now and see for yourself how you can leverage evergreen webinars to fill your courses, programs or services and scale your business.

Don't let the fear of lower conversion rates hold you back from reaching your business goals. Start today and see for yourself how it can help you grow your revenue.

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