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A Deeper Dive into Hunger and Cravings: Which Type of Hunger Are You Experiencing?

You want to eat, but you know your body isn't in need of "fuel", or you've just eaten?

But did you know...this can be broken down further if you want to get really nerdy, or if you aren't entirely sure whether you've feeling physical or emotional hunger?

The 8 Hungers

"The Eight Hungers" was first coined by Dr Jan Chozen Bays to help people eat more mindfully and be more aware when making the decision to eat or not to eat.

Eye Hunger

Pretty self-explanatory I reckon.

Fine-dining chefs make a lot of effort in their plating and presentation - you can 'feast your eyes' on it!

Think about what would satisfy your eye hunger more: a delicately-plated steak with carefully-drizzled sauce, with fries on the side....or a quick curry slopped on a pile of rice in a takeaway box in the fridge?

Or even...just how many times you've spotted a chocolate bar on the desk and suddenly you want it?

Nose Hunger

Ah, the aroma of freshly baked bread...the barbecue party next-door ...

Just like eye hunger, while it adds joy to your overall eating experience if the food is appealing, nose hunger can also create sudden cravings

Ear Hunger

Perhaps less of something we think about...but interestingly, did you know...

food manufacturers (and researchers) spend a lot of time and money researching the exact crunch consumers respond to, so people will eat more of it?

Likewise, do you find yourself finding certain eating sounds more appealing or chewing, crunching, slurping...

Mouth Hunger

This is the desire for pleasurable tastes and textures.

Stomach Hunger

This is quite simply your physical hunger: your body's need for fuel.

Cellular Hunger

Cellular hunger is what the body needs on a cellular level. The body is wise! It knows what it needs.

Sometimes what the body needs is water rather than food. Sometimes a dislike or aversion to a particular food points to an intolerance or allergy. On the other hand, some cravings can point to a nutrient the body is lacking.

Mind Hunger

If you've been dieting, you'd know this for sure!

The "shoulds" and "should-nots", "good" or "bad" foods...

Or the excuses or justifications you have when you cave in...

Mind hunger can be very difficult to satisfy: it often contains conflicting messages

(if you're already in the Stop Binge Eating Program, make sure you check out the lesson on untwisting your thinking patterns and self-sabotaging behavior! Thank me later)

Heart Hunger

Aka "emotional eating" as we commonly call it.

Sadly, you can't fill the emotional void with food, though it may distract you from the feelings for a short while.

Why Notice These Types of Hunger?

None of these hungers are bad!

To live a fulfilling, enjoyable life, to enjoy food, all these hungers are necessary!

The key is how you react to these hungers.

Stomach and cellular hunger need food. They are the only hungers that do.

Heart and mind hunger really cannot be truly satisfied with food. Heart hunger requires understanding and compassion.

If you're having trouble figuring out whether you are actually hungry or if it's just a craving, start here with one of my most popular free resources...I've broken it down, so next time, you can tell with confidence and decide on how you can satisfy your hunger!


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