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How to Meal Prep If You Don't Like Leftovers

Tell me if you can relate to this...

A lot of people tell me one of the reasons they don’t meal prep is because either they or someone in their home don't like leftovers. As we continue our theme of meal planning of prepping, let's address this common fear or issue holding a lot of people back from trying meal prep, or even thinking how they can make it work for them. But guess what? It’s still possible to get the time-saving and stress-busting benefits of meal prepping WITHOUT having to eat last night’s dinner!

Episode Summary

Here’s one idea: instead of cooking entire meals in advance, you cook or prep your INGREDIENTS ahead of time. As we've mentioned before, prepare different components of your meals, like the proteins, carbs like quinoa, or rice or pasta and you can pre-chop your veggies or have some frozen vegetables ready so you can whip up a quick meal. Just before it’s time to eat, just assemble the meal from your prepped ingredients. Here are some ideas: You could poach chicken breasts, grill some fish or roast a chicken.

Bake some sweet potatoes, or prep some quinoa or rice.

And have some chop onions, diced carrots, or sliced peppers ready in the fridge or freezer.

Having everything prepped and on standby makes throwing together a balanced meal much faster and easier. A family member once told me: "Cooking is easy. All you have to do is make sure all the ingredients taste good. If they all taste good, then your meal will taste good." And it’s true! With these prepared ingredients, you could easily put together a taco or burrito bowl, make a stir-fry, assemble a casserole, or even pies!

The goal is not to make gourmet dishes day in and day out. The goal is to help you make staying on track easy and not let the lack of preparation tempt you to order takeaway. As I've mentioned time and again, you can certainly order takeaway, even as you're trying to lose weight, but I want you to do it mindfully and with intention, not something that you do habitually because you aren't prepared. i want you to feel prepared and enjoy your meal guilt-free when you do have it.

You can even excite your taste buds with different spices or sauces.

With these different components ready to go in the fridge, you can have meals in the fridge ready to eat in minutes, you can have them quicker than ordering in, or walking to a restaurant. And it's even cheaper than ready, packaged meals. But you don't have to eat the same meals over and over again.

Ready to take back control of your eating habits, see the number on the scale drop, and streamline your meal planning and prepping process, so that you can easily stay on track and lose weight?

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