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Grab these Free Nutrition Resources: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here's how to get your hands on my collection of free nutrition resources that will help you build a solid foundation for permanent weight loss without depriving yourself.

As you may know, since becoming a Nutrition Consultant back in 2018, I've created quite a number of free resources scattered all around Facebook, my website and delivered through email.

To help you locate these resources more easily, I thought about collating some of them into a resource library for you guys (Did I mention it's free?)!

Step 1: Go to the Free Nutrition Resources hub page

Click this link (a new tab will pop up):

And you'll see this page

Step 2: Create a Free Account

Click "Sign up"

You will see this screen after clicking "Sign Up"

Step 3: Go to your email inbox, and confirm you want to access these materials

Step 4: Log in and enjoy the resources

(make sure you log in regularly as this hub is constantly updated)

This is what you will see after logging in. Click on the sidebar and browse through the resources. The hub is constantly updated

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

P.S. Since these are resources that I have created with my own sweat and blood, I can 100% vouch for them! (AND I worked hard to create them, so I would be forever grateful if you could help spread the word and share this post with the people around you that you think may benefit!)


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