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From decades of food obsession and binging, to mastering moderation: Ally's Journey

Have you ever been at a point where you just don’t want to be stuck in this diet-binge cycle anymore…because you keep trying to lose weight and you fall off track...over and over again?

Whether it’s in a positive way (recognizing that dieting triggers intense cravings, out-of-control eating or even binging) or in a negative way (out of frustration), in my opinion, it’s still a good sign that you recognize diets don’t work. You haven’t failed your diets.

Diets have failed you. Unfortunately, for someone to come to this point of believing “enough is enough”, it’s usually taken years, if not decades. But late is better than never. Because it’s such a HUGE step. It’s a turning point. Let me paint a picture of what life can look like for YOU if you are no longer controlled by diets, when you are no longer controlled by food...

Let me introduce you to Ally, who has kindly agreed to let me share her story, in the hopes that her story will motivate you to change. Ally is in her late 40's with three children. Ally has been trying different diets since her early teens, because she was told by her gymnastics coach that she needed to lose 8 lbs...but a few weeks later, she was hit with an injury that forced her to take a break for a few months. Without the vigorous training, she was worried she would gain weight and that would jeopardize her chances of getting into the national team. Increasingly, she became more and more obsessed with food, with her body, and with the scale. The Internet, at that time, was non-existent. Information was scarce. But she had some idea about calories, and exercise. And low-carb was popular at that time... So she threw away the bread from her breakfast toasts, packed sandwiches and left the pasta on the plate.

And because her mom was also jumping from diet to diet, she didn't think it was a problem. She'd lose the weight she wanted to lose, and then went off the diet and gained the weight back plus more.

Each time, she would end up with a higher weight... Throughout her teens, her twenties, her thirties and now in her late forties, she has tried almost everything.

But as time went on, she became less enthusiastic and she would give up dieting after a few hours of dieting, and then she spotted something tempting and she'd cave in.

And then "next monday", she'd start again...

Because of her lack of frustration, she became obese in her mid-teens, and she felt too embarrassed to go back to competitive gymnastics. Without her passion, she felt lost and unfulfilled, and she soothed herself with food, day in and day out. And her three pregnancies only gave her more weight to lose. She couldn't understand why she couldn't stick to any diets like she used to.

And why she couldn't resist any cravings. The more times she has tried to diet, the stronger the cravings would be, which eventually led her to binge on all the foods she'd been depriving herself. Then, every time, she'd feel an intense amount of guilt and shame, and she'd hate herself. She thought it was a willpower problem, and every time, she promised she'd do better "the next day", "on Monday"... Ally has spent the last 30+ years dieting that she had no idea what a life without dieting could be like...

She had no idea what "normal" feels like...She didn't even know what was possible So when Ally came to work with me, we had to really focus on what her motivations to diet were and to untwist those beliefs. Because Ally has spent decades dieting and binging, her hunger and fullness cues are really disrupted, we had to work on reinforcing an eating pattern that would mimic when a non-dieter would feel hungry. As the starvation response has caused her to become so preoccupied with food that she would feel anxious around food and we had to work on techniques to not get caught up in those foods.

And cravings were a huge binge trigger, so we figured out coping strategies that worked for her and created a coping skills toolbox.

Due to the black-and-white thinking Ally struggled with, like many other women who struggle with binge eating do, and she tried to cut out foods that she deemed "fattening" but ended up binging on much larger amounts once her diet is "broken", we re-introduced her binge food step-by-step, one after another and now she can enjoy those foods without binging...and now these foods are actually enjoyable...instead of simply stuffing herself compulsively. Now, she feels comfortable feeding her body regularly. Now, her life is no longer taken up by food thoughts and she is able to focus on taking care of her family. Now, she is well-equipped to deal with her cravings and urges. Now, she is able to enjoy food in moderation and there is no longer "good" or "bad" foods, and now she is able to enjoy birthday parties, dinners with friends, and going on holidays. Isn't that inspiring? Have you hit this point of "enough is enough" and want to change your life once and for all? Remember, being stuck in this cycle is NOT your fault. These are very common experiences but many have managed to overcome these struggles. The Stop Binge Eating Program, which Ally and many others have been through, is based on a combination of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques, behavioral modification and nutrition guidelines.

It is a step-by-step roadmap to help women who struggle with binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, or constant snacking to lose weight for good by reinforcing an eating pattern that displaces binges, developing coping skills and emotion regulation skills, ditching food rules and making peace with food, and working towards a life that YOU want to live.

If you have hit that "enough is enough" point and you are ready to change, fast-track your progress now. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, constant snacking, and binge eating and finally lose weight for good.

Check out the Stop Binge Eating Program, which gives you a proven, step-by-step roadmap to help you lose weight for good without feeling deprived!

Can you relate?

BUT this doesn't HAVE to be the case anymore...and certainly not for the rest of your life...

💥💥 If you're sick of starting and failing another diet plan, googling another "trick" hoping it works this time...

💥💥 If you are tired of being stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle, losing and gaining the same weight, losing control around food, but don't quite know what to do...

💥💥 If you hate feeling like a failure...

💖💖💖💖...and you want lasting success, and a future that doesn't involve obsessing over food...💖💖💖💖


make sure you check out the Stop Binge Eating Program where I've put my last 5 years of experience of working exclusively with clients who struggle with stopping overeating and binge eating into a step-by-step roadmap so that you have a proven path to follow and know exactly what you need to do to stop yo-yo dieting, nighttime overeating, constant snacking, emotional eating and binge eating.

Let's face it!

You're no longer in control of food,

👿👿👿👿 Food is in control. 👿👿👿👿

  • It numbs you from your emotions.

  • It stops you from fully enjoying life.

  • It stops you from being in touch with your feelings and being in the present.

  • It stops you from pursuing our dreams.

  • It stops you from showing up for your loved ones the way that you want.

🔥🔥🔥🔥Ready to put an end to all that struggle and actually start enjoying life? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Sign up now!

The earlier you start, the less you reinforce your overeating patterns, the easier it is to break these patterns. Don't wait!

You deserve a life free from yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, constant snacking

You deserve to be in control around food, and enjoy a future without obsessing over food. Check out the Stop Binge Eating Program.

In doubt? Read what my past clients have achieved.

More testimonials here


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