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FREE GUIDE: 15 Must-Know Words and Phrases 免費英文筆記:15必懂生字

Oh hey! Helen here.

I’ve got some truth for you today that is going to completely CHANGE the way you learn English… for the better. 今天我要告訴你的真相將會徹底改變你學習英語的方式(當然,是變得更好)。

You’ve probably heard the importance of expanding your range of vocabulary, memorizing grammar rules, and reading more...



Where do you start? How would anyone have time to do all of these? What action yields the greatest results?

但…該從哪裡開始? 怎麼會有人有時間做齊所有? 什麼學習辦法最有效?

I’m going to answer some of those questions for you in the "Improve Your Vocabulary: 15 Must-Know Words" 我將在這份免費筆記中為你回答其中的一些問題

You'll love this because not only does this guide give you a list of synonyms to use in different contexts, but it also explains why your previous attempts at memorizing and using advanced vocabulary hasn't exactly "worked"...


If you like this guide, here are a few more ways you can get your hands on more learning resources 如果你喜歡這筆記,以下幾種方式你可以獲取更多學習資源:

1. The Central Hub 學習資源區

By far the largest collection of learning resources available. You can see all my latest posts and resources here, including a deeper-dive version of what I've shared on my social media


2. 💌 Your email (yes, right in your inbox)! 你的電子郵箱

Every once in a while, someone will inevitably email me to ask about why they didn't get a certain email, a juicy deal, or a freebie that their friend received in their inbox.

Add me to your contact list or drag this email away from the promotions tab/spam folder. This ensures that you can receive all the awesome tips and goodies that I've prepared for you!

我的Email有時會被你的信箱分類為廣告或垃圾郵件, 希望你現在把我的這個 Email Address 加到你的通訊錄,記得留意我之後傳給你的Email,我還有很多資訊及學習心得跟你分享 !

Very soon, you'll realize that you don't need to be burying your head in grammar books or rote-learning new words that are rarely used in real life, or misusing vocabulary or expressions that you've just learnt. ​​很快,你就會意識到死記硬背現實生活中很少使用的新單詞,埋頭讀文法法則。

That’s it for now...Have a smashing day ahead! This is the start of something great...the way you learn English will be completely turned on its stay tuned!


FREE GUIDE: Level Up Your English With These 15 Must-Know Words

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