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FAQ: I get tired and hungry every afternoon... What should I do?

A common question asked by many people...

"Every afternoon, I get tired and hungry! What should I do?"

Here are a couple of things to try:

1. make sure you’re eating enough for breakfast and lunch, and include some protein-rich foods. Protein can help keep you feeling full and satisfied and is less apt to contribute to that midday lull feeling.

2. there is nothing wrong with having an afternoon snack, in fact, because so many of my clients, before they came to work with me, skipped meals/snacks, and being overly hungry led to them overeating in the evening, I actually encourage them to add a snack. Find something filling and nourishing that can tide you over until your next meal!

Planning ahead, so you have something on-hand, is key here!

Think about protein-rich options like nuts, or Greek yogurt.


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