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English Expressions: 20 Color Idioms for Everyday Communication (part 3/4)

Let's add a splash of color to your English language. This is the part 3 of my 4-part color idioms series.

In this blog post, we will explore 5 more enchanting 迷人的 color idioms that you can use in not only your English exams, but also in your everyday communication.

Idioms are like pigments 顏料 that bring depth, creativity, and cultural richness to your language palette 調色板. So, let's dive into this vibrant world of color expressions and discover how they can elevate your English proficiency to new heights!

準備好為你的英語技能增添一抹色彩了嗎?我們將探索5個迷人的色彩成語,不僅能夠助你在IELTS考試中出類拔萃, 日常溝通也能用到。成語就像顏料,為你的語言調色板帶來深度、創造力和文化豐富性。讓我們一同跳進這個色彩繽紛的世界,發現它們如何將你的英語技能提升到 下一個層次吧!

color palette with watercolor

Green-Eyed Monster

Definition: Jealousy or envy. This idiom refers to the feeling of jealousy or envy towards someone. 嫉妒之心

Example: Her success awakened the green-eyed monster in him.

Relevant expression(s): green with envy

Tickled Pink

Definition: Extremely pleased or delighted. 欣喜若狂 This idiom describes a feeling of great joy or satisfaction. The phrase implies being so pleased that one's cheeks turn pink.

Example: She was tickled pink when she received the scholarship.

Black and blue

Definition: Bruised or beaten. 青一塊紫一塊

Example: After the accident, he was black and blue all over.

Usage: This idiom describes physical injuries resulting in bruising. The phrase suggests the appearance of multiple bruises.

To have green fingers/a green thumb

Definition: Be good at gardening 擅長種植

Example: Watch the way he handles the plants and you know he's got green fingers/a green thumb.

Note: green fingers (UK), a green thumb (US)

Out of the blue (adverbial phrase)

Definition: Unexpectedly or without warning 出乎意料地

Example: He received a job offer out of the blue.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate color idiom:

  1. He couldn't hide his _______________ when he heard the good news.

  2. After the accident, he was left _______________.

  3. Sometimes it's better to tell a _______________ than hurt someone's feelings.

  4. The opportunity came _______________, and he seized it.

  5. She was _______________ when she received the award.

(scroll to the bottom to check your answers)

Ready to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant expressions and master the art of communication?

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Answer Key:

  1. Green-eyed monster

  2. Black and blue

  3. White lie

  4. Out of the blue

  5. Tickled pink


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