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Diet Hype: You Are What You Eat?

Today I want to share something that might ruffle some feathers and in all honesty, maybe freak you out a bit… There are so many diet programs, cleanses, Instagram influencers, or even pills out there…so much fluff, so much advertising… that it’s hard to know what the next nest step is or who to believe and what to do anymore.

Unfortunately, the diet industry, at a £2 billion a year industry ( is full of belief-led opnions, as opposed to science and evidence.

Yes, you read that right, it’s pretty much a belief system right now

And it shouldn’t be!!

It’s not about whether I believe keto is better, or whether I think whole-food is better, nor should it matter about my opinion on whether almond milk or cow’s milk is better, or whether brown rice is better, or whether you should eat quinoa...

Opinions don’t matter, regardless of whether it is mine or yours or someone else’s.

All diets, in theory, work…if you’re a robot…

…because robots are like calculators…calories in vs calories out…

…because robots don’t have feelings or emotions…

…because they can ignore hunger or cravings….

…because they don’t have hormones and their metabolism and their bodies don’t adjust to stress, the environment or food or anything…

…because robots don’t have a life…no holidays, no restaurants, social life of any kind…

What you eat, when you eat don’t really matter if you don’t have a clue about how to work with your body and make your results last.


Women who achieve long-lasting results don’t just jump on another diet they’ve found on Instagram.

They change their diet, their habits, their mindset.

They tackle the underlying issues causing them to overeat in the first place, whether that is diet-related or emotional eating or something else….not their belief system (or even worse, someone else’s belief system)

Here’s how this relates to you and your success…if you remove all of the fancy supplements, quick fixes, tips and tricks, all the unrealistic claims and BS that influencers are using to grab people’s attention…

Remove all of that…

Women who’ve achieved long-lasting results are the women who’ve made fundamental nutritional, lifestyle and mindset shifts and none of these are based on anyone’s belief system or fancy tactics…

Women who’ve achieved long-lasting results chose sustainable changes over “quick fixes”…

Be careful, the diet industry is sneaky though and they’ve caught up…

They now know people have realized that quick fixes don’t work, so they’ve started to call their solutions “lifestyle changes” in the name of health or wellness…


intermittent fasting clock

Rules are rules…they’re rigid…rules like intermittent fasting still involves fasting even when you’re hungry, so as soon as your fasting window ends, you eat as much as you can within your eating window…

So how do I know if my diet is sustainable?

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you start your next eating, exercising plan:

1.Am I happy and capable of doing this long term?

  • Rules are difficult to follow. And humans are rebellious in nature. (Don’t our minds just like playing tricks on us?)

  • Can you do this all the time, every day, including on holiday?

  • Does following this plan stress me out?

  • Am I able to follow this plan regardless of how I feel? Even when I’m tired, stressed, have no motivation or willpower left in me?

  • Is there anything that I need to look out for while following this plan? E.g. checking if there’s “sugar” on the nutritional label, or what time it is right now to determine if my eating window is over yet

2. Is there a “right” way to follow this plan?

  • For example, is there a limit you have to stick to? Are there foods that are banned (aka “wrong” to eat?)?

  • Do you feel guilty for eating certain foods?

  • Are there any “should”s or “shouldn’t”s?

3. If this way of eating, or any other way of eating, had no impact on your weight, would you be eating this same way?

  • Are these still the foods you’d choose?

  • This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself…because this indicates to you whether you’re following this because you enjoy it, or if you’re doing it out of self-love.

The bottom line is:

Diets fail because they don’t address anything other than your eating, which is just a pillar of the whole weight loss journey.

To have long-lasting results, to stop yo-yo dieting and emotional eating, you need to address all the fundamental aspects: nutrition, habits, emotions, mindset, movement and lifestyle

…and you’ve got to separate the alluring claims, opinions and the fads and instead focus on changing these fundamentals and doing something that is sustainable long-term (good news: there’s no more HOPING this next diet will work, no more starting and failing).

Remember, weight loss is not just about your diet. There will always be new opinions and research studies, but if you make it an all-or-nothing rule, it is a diet bound to fail.

So don’t start a diet because you hear a friend recommend it, or because “10 lbs in a week” sounds cool.

It's not easy to ditch what you've been doing (i.e. following diet plans and rules) for decades and embrace a new way of eating without rules. That's why I'm here to help. I help you stop yo-yo dieting, nighttime eating, emotional eating and binge eating so that you can finally lose the weight and keep it off.

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