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Day 1 or 1 Day?

I have a little challenge for you that can change your day (and week!) for the better. This quote is one of my favorites...

“One day, or Day One. You decide.” – Unknown

With the last few crazy freaking years we've had, one of the many lessons I've learnt has been that there’s a lot of uncertainty in life.

One of the things I've learnt during my 10+ years of gaining and losing the same weight was the importance of consistency...

and googling and testing a new diet every Monday would not get me closer to my goals. If you’re waiting for "the perfect time" to start taking care of yourself or to start taking action... well, I can confidently tell you that day doesn’t exist.

Here's another good quote... “There are seven days in the week. Someday isn’t one of them.” Make yourself a priority any day of the year, especially when it comes to your health and wellness. You DESERVE IT. This leads me to my mini-challenge for you today. What is ONE step you can take today to help you regain control of your eating, feel healthier, more confident and more energized?

This one step can be as simple as…

→ Meal prepping

→ Spending quality time with your family → Going for a walk → Adding some greens to your meals → Turning off your phone → Practising mindfulness for 10 minutes → Nourishing both your mind and your body → Reaching out to a professional to help you get started Now… make a commitment to yourself to take that action and get it DONE. IMPERFECT ACTION > PERFECT INACTION Thinking about what you plan to do “one day” in the future will keep you stuck.

Less dreaming.

More doing.

The action you take today doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. You don’t need an abundant supply of supplements, diet products, meal plans...or getting rid of the "junk food" in the cupboard. You just have to do meal at a time. Meal by meal, Day by day, you'll get there

If reaching out for help is on your list, I'd be honored to help.

If you're struggling with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, constant snacking, nighttime overeating, binge eating, the Stop Binge Eating Program is designed with your needs in mind. It guides you through all the essential steps from getting your nutrition right to reduce cravings and hunger, to learning techniques to manage emotions, thoughts and urges, as well as learning strategies to eat trigger foods (like foods that cause you to say "screw it" and start over) in moderation and how to eat that you can lose weight and keep it off, without counting calories, without depriving yourself.

You can find out more about the Stop Binge Eating Program here

You deserve a life filled with happiness, not a life controlled by food and calories!


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