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Brie-lliantly Cheesy but Grate

3個有關cheese既字放埋一齊既title,全是雙關語(pun /word play)





Cheesy是一個 adj (形容詞),常用於口語來形容有老土又尷尬既感覺,同義詞包括:lame


係一個verb,代表“刨”,同 great同音

成個title係 brilliantly cheesy but great,解作“非常老土但係正”


A big cheese

  • 意思:一個在團體或組織內好重要/有勢力的人

  • example:His father is a big cheese in the government so he has an advantage over his competitors in the election. 他的爸爸在政府中很有影響力,所以他在選舉中比其他參選者有優勢。


  • 意思:笨蛋

  • example :Would you please stop acting like a cheeseball/cheesehead and get back to work? 你可不可以不要這麼低能,正正經經做事可以嗎?!

Say cheese

  • 用法:拍照時叫人笑,因為當相中人說 “cheese” 字,嘴角就會向上

  • 亦有人會用 “say whiskey” ,但比較少用

Cheese (someone) off

  • 意思:令【他人】激氣/討厭/煩

  • example:His behavior really cheeses me off 他的行為真的令我覺得很討厭

Be cheese and chalk/Be (like) cheese and chalk

  • 字面翻譯:像芝士和粉筆

  • 意思:完全不同 (當形容兩個人)

  • Example:I don't have anything in common with my sister. We're like chalk and cheese. 我和我的姐姐沒有相似的地方。我們完全不同。

  • 同義詞:completely different

  • 反義詞:alike


  • 意思:老土,俗氣的,廣東話的“cheap”

  • example1:Don't ever go to that boutique, all they ever sell are overpriced, cheesy T-shirts 不要到那間時裝店,他們只賣又貴而不值又老土的T-shirt

  • example2:Overall, the movie was really good, but the cheesy ending spoiled the entire atmosphere. 整體來說,這套戲不錯,但那個俗氣的結局破壞了整個氣氛

  • 同義詞:lame, corny, dumb

Cheese it!

  • 意思:停!

  • example:Cheese it! You're really pissing me off! 停啊!你的行為真的很煩啊



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