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Individualized action plan, accountability and support specifically tailored to your weight loss and health goals. No more spinning the wheels. 

We work closely together for 3 months, devise a personalized plan to get you closer to your goal and keep you on track every step of the way. 

By focusing on nutrition, behavioral change and creating lifelong habits, you will feel confident about your ability to continue your journey and maintain your progress in the long run. 

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Personalized Weight Loss Solution
Diet Plan

Personalized Plan 

We will carry out an assessment and discuss your biggest struggles, your nutrition and lifestyle needs and devise a personalized action plan to help you achieve your goals. No more cookie-cutter diet plans, because we are all different!

Personalized Support at your fingertips,  when you need it

Ever fallen off the track and ended up eating everything in sight? Or a dinner party suddenly pops up and you are dying to go? Don't worry, I'm here to support and guide you through challenges life throws at you, big or small. No need to wait for our next appointment. With unlimited Whatsapp/email support, there is never a need to wait for our next appointment. Our online services offer complete flexibility for your busy lifestyle. 
Calorie Count

Lifelong Solution

Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is not. That's why I put the emphasis on making long-lasting changes, rather than sending you off with a fad diet. We especially address reasons that led you to put on weight in the first place, so you can finally lose weight and keep it off for good! I don't believe in deprivation or restriction, so you will learn how you can enjoy your favorite treats while losing weight-because only by learning these important skills that you can keep the weight off long term! 
What is included

During our initial consultation, we will...

  • carry out a nutrition assessment 

  • discuss the struggles you are having, what led to your weight gain in the first place and the obstacles stopping you from achieving your goals. 

  • come up with a practical action plan so you can kickstart your weight loss journey. 

  • you may be given a flexible meal plan or recipes if you prefer to have a bit more guidance


After the initial consultation, I will...

  • check in with you regularly 

  • help you sidestep any challenges that pop up along the way 

  • support you, hold you accountable, and answer any questions

  • make adjustments to the agreed action plan, based on how you are getting on, changes in your routine/nutrition needs/occasions. 



Unlimited personalized support, feedback and strategies 

  • provided via Whatsapp or email. There's never a need to wait till our next appointment for adjustments to be made. Our focus is on YOU, your unique needs and your personal goals. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most invaluable support you can get in your journey.

  • guidance and accountability to keep you on track. 


Action Plan and Progress Review

  • Having the knowledge doesn't mean you are taking action and getting closer to your goals. We work closely together to build habits that get you to your goals and support you in implementing these action steps

We will assess what your current struggles are and what is in the way from achieving your goals. We will identify areas that need to be changed.

Access to the Premium Nutrition Resources Library

  • filled with tips and strategies to maximize and maintain results

  • action tasks and challenges to stay on track

  • packed full of easy meal ideas, flexible meal structures. Never run out of ideas or options.

  • constantly updated!!


Access to the Stop Binge Eating Program (valued at £249)

  • Make the best use of our 1:1 time together by learning the basic principles in your own time so that we can focus on personalizing and adapting the strategies for you

  • learn the key strategies needed to stop yo-yo dieting cycle, and other forms of overeating (constant snacking, nighttime overeating, emotional eating) so that this is the last weight loss attempt



Access to the support community 

  • Connect with others on the same journey and cheer each other on 

Invest in Yourself Now
Personalized Weight Loss Solution

Investment: £800 

12 weeks of personalized plan, accountability and handholding support for £800

Please note that due to the nature of our products/services, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

About Me

I am a qualified Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women lose weight and keep it off so that they no longer have to be on diet all the time, track every calorie or spend hours at the gym every day. 


My philosophy is that food is meant to be enjoyed, even if you are trying to lose weight. So no food is off-limits!


In my own weight loss journey, I spent over a decade (and hundreds of £££'s trying different diets, pills, plans), even starving myself.  The end result? I ended up in a diet-binge cycle for more than 10 years and I felt frustrated, depressed and trapped in my own skin. I felt hopeless. 

Physically, years of dieting and binging also ruined my health: vitamin deficiency, calcium deficiency, anaemia,  fainting all the time...

That was when I realized the way I approached weight loss was completely wrong...and that was when I decided to pursue qualifications in Nutrition (and behavioral psychology). 


Now that I've lost >25kg and kept it off, it's become my mission to help you do the same.

Whether you are stuck in the diet-binge cycle, or you jumped from diet to diet and just kept starting "on Monday" or you just feel you love food too much, I work closely with you to give you personalized action steps and hold you accountable in your journey to lose weight, enjoy food and transform your confidence.



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