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With Me

With Me

I'm a qualified Nutrition Consultant who specializes in helping women lose weight for good by ending the yo-yo dieting cycle, constant snacking, intense cravings, without feeling deprived or starving. YOU deserve a life without constantly being on a diet or counting calories!

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Hey there! I'm Helen, a qualified Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women stop overeating, yo-yo dieting, binge eating, and finally lose the weight for good...

But it wasn't all that long ago that I struggled with my weight and my eating too!

I went on my first diet when I was 7...because my thighs were growing and I didn't like them...

At first, it went okay, I was strong. I skipped meals, I said no to snacks.

But soon, I gave in to temptations. During the day, I was good. I had so much self control. I ate only salads, fruits and chicken breasts. But then evening came, everything changed. All the food was calling my name..."Just one bite" soon became empty boxes of pizzas, chocolate packaging everywhere and biscuit crumbs all over the table.

Every night, I promised myself I'd do better "tomorrow"...but "tomorrow" never came...

​I'd tried all the diets out there, all the self-help books...but nothing worked. 

I was frustrated.

I was depressed. 

I felt hopeless. 

Why did I always fall off track? Why couldn't I just have more willpower? What was wrong with me?There MUST be an explanation, and it became my MISSION to find out, which drove me to pursue qualifications in nutrition and further training in psychology and counselling. 

The 10+years that I spent in the diet-binge cycle was depressing and that's why it's become my mission to end this suffering for women going through the same experience so that they can enjoy food again without losing control and feel happy in their own skin again.  

Life is too short counting calories and saying no to your favorite food.


Personalized Weight Loss

Assessment and personalized action steps with individualized support and accountability to help you succeed in your weight loss journey and achieve your goals


Digital products with step-by-step resources, action steps, guides and lessons to help you achieve sustainable weight loss results. 

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The Stop Binge Eating Program

The complete roadmap to help you work with your body again so that you lose weight by learning to cope with cravings and binge urges, stop the yo-yo dieting cycle and rebuild your confidence.

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