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The Stop Binge Eating Programme

For women who want to stop yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and binge eating and lose weight for good so that they can regain control over food and enjoy the freedom and confidence they deserve. 

What You're Going to Get:

  • A proven step-by-step system to help you overcome different forms of overeating by working with your body again, learning coping skills to manage cravings, uncomfortable emotions, urges and thoughts, re-incorporating trigger foods and building confidence. (Never get your hopes up on another diet and no more relying on willpower!)

  • Ongoing access to the Members-only Area: including access to forum, FAQ's, exclusive tips, action guides, challenges, premium resources library, Community Support 

  • Weekly Accountability and Momentum Check-ins to cheer you on (no more starting something and not finishing! I've got your back!)

  • Kickstart Resources: Take action from Day 1 with the Quick Stop Guide + the 5-Day Kickstart Challenge 

  • Bonus Resources Library+Exclusive Tips, FAQ's and Premium Deep-Dive Content 

  • Done-for-you Checklists and Action Tasks: Focus on the actions and habits that yield results. Reap the most benefits from your efforts, time and energy

  • Lifetime Access to the Stop Binge Eating Program materials and future updates and the members-only area

Special Masterclass-Only Bonus

  • Personalized Roadmap (valued £249) : so that you can achieve your goals even faster and know exactly what to focus on

But be quick, Your Personalized Roadmap (which is normally only available to my VIP clients) is going away in...

Grab the Special Bonus
Masterclass Special Offer

Sign up now to get your PERSONALIZED roadmap so you know what to focus on

Original Investment: £499

NOW: £249

(one-time payment, ongoing access)

Please note that due to the nature of our products/services, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

I created the Stop Binge Eating Program to help women who is tired of binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, night eating and overeating and desperately want to lose weight and keep it off, using the same strategies that I (and many happy clients) used to enjoy life again without being controlled by food.

Whether you are stuck in the diet-binge cycle, or you jumped from diet to diet and just kept starting "on Monday" or you just feel overwhelmed in your journey to overcome binge eating, the Stop Binge Eating Program gives you the a step-by-step blueprint alongside personalized support, accountability and community to dramatically get your eating under control, lose weight and transform your confidence. 

Helen Wong
photo 1.jpg

Nutrition Consultant

The program is designed to teach you the important strategies and guide you through all the necessary steps, motivate you to take action, learn more about your triggers, cravings, emotions and thoughts and stay accountable, so you can overcome binge eating, lose weight and start living life without being controlled by food within 12 weeks through sustainable habit change. 

No dieting! No deprivation! 

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