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Fruits and Nuts

Can't ever stick to a diet and
struggling to find willpower?

Join us to regain control over food and set yourself up for long-term weight loss success in just 5 days

Is this you?

  • ​You've tried all the solutions out there but nothing's worked and you wonder if anything even ever works? 

  • You stick to your diet so well during the day but can't stop stuffing yourself at night

  • Or maybe you're able to get through a few days...maybe a week of "healthy eating", but no matter how good you're doing, it's never easy, and you have so many cravings, food is always on your mind but those old eating habits always creep back in and you gain all the weight back...and back on the diet wagon! 

  • You never feel satisfied from food and you just always want more

  • You might have successfully lost weight in the past, but as soon as you finish your diet, you always end up heavier than you started 

  • Or you find yourself reaching for food whenever you have nothing to do?

  • You live in an all-or-nothing state of mind where  as soon as you have the first bite of "bad" food, it turns into a binge

Discover how you can lose weight without counting calories, cutting out your favorite foods or relying on willpower

In Just 1 Week...

You'll discover:  

  • why what you've been trying hasn't worked and what will instead

  • the tools you need to tackle your own overeating triggers  

  • A simple way to stop overeating, jumping on and off diet and feel good about your food choices so you can lose weight without feeling deprived, go out with friends and not obsess over food (spoiler alert: you don't need more willpower) 

  • The secret sauce to getting real, long-term results, without having to count calories, cut out your favorite foods or exercising like a maniac

In just 1 week, I'm going to show you step-by-step exactly how to eat in a way that supports long-term, sustainable weight loss without needing to rely on your willpower again

Want to know the real secret to weight loss success?

It hasn't got anything to do with willpower or motivation

It should feel easy

It's okay to eat chocolate, crisps, and popcorn! 

You don't need to do any calculations...calories, carbs, fat, points...none of them!!

If you want weight loss results that last once and for all,

you just need one thing...

Working with YOUR Body Again!!!

But...the problem is...most people think they've tried everything and nothing has worked

...they've only tried one "solution"-restriction and deprivation...a solution that doesn't work!

...they've only tried different variations of this "solution"...

And they're left googling the next best diet to try on Monday, hoping it's the last time...

...and it usually fails again by Wednesday...

And life is just too short (and you're way too busy) for anyone to obsess over food, weight or diets!

Ready to Finally Say Goodbye to the Weight?

Join Now and Get Instant Access to...

The 5-Day Weight Loss Kickstart Bootcamp

with step-by-step willpower-free strategies to kickstart your journey to long-lasting results

Here's just some of what I'm going to be walking you through...

  • An easy willpower-free plan that supports sustainable weight loss and maintenance 

  • How to enjoy food while still losing weight 

  • How to put in strategies to prevent falling "off the wagon"

  • What you need to curb cravings, hunger, emotional eating and binge urges

  • The hidden secret to achieving success

  • The exact roadmap I guide my clients through in the Stop Binge Eating Program

(very soon, the investment will go back to £99)

Here's exactly what you get we'll be covering over the 5 days:

Image by Diana Polekhina

DAY #1

Navigating Your Danger Zones 

You will gain clarity into your danger situations and what has been keeping you stuck so far. More importantly, we will help you map out a plan to regain control. 

Image by Ball Park Brand

By the end of day 2, you will have learnt how to eat and live in a way that supports weight loss (and actually stick to your plan!). No more jumping on and off diet. No more willpower required!

DAY #2

The Foundation of Sustainable Weight Loss

Fit Girl Running

DAY #3 

How to Support Your Body For Weight Loss

You will understand why what you've been trying has never worked and what will instead. You will learn to work with your body to maximize your weight loss results so you no longer have to battle with your willpower every night. This is what makes your weight loss journey easy and results long-lasting. 

Image by Hanna Postova

DAY #4

Nourish to Flourish

Did you know that nourishment isn't just about food and nutrition? You will learn how to nourish both your mind and your body to stop mindless eating, emotional eating and binge eating. 

Image by Hybrid

DAY #5

The Secret Sauce to Lasting Success

Without calming your inner critic, and overcoming your self-sabotaging behavior, there's a high chance that you could resort to your old habits down the road. On day 5, you will help you learn the key to creating lasting success and becoming the best version of YOU!

Plus when you enroll, you'll also get these bonuses...

Workout Friends

Support Community

(valued at £99)

Meet other women who are going through similar struggles, support each other and hold each other accountable. You'll never be alone in this ever again.

Herbs and Condiment

Starter Recipes and Meal Ideas

(valued at £99)

You'll learn to lose weight without cutting out foods, counting calories or following rules. Not sure how to start? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Fresh Fruit



(valued at £49)

Wrap up the week by taking a step back and making sure you know how to put these action steps into practice and maintain your progress. 

Pink Food

Here are what others have achieved in just 1 week...

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 3.49.03 AM.png

With people saving hundreds of £££'s on diet products and binge foods...

For a fraction of the cost, you can join us now if you enroll today!

The 5-Day Weight Loss Kickstart.png
About Me

Hey, I'm Helen, a Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women stop binge eating, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and nighttime eating so that they can feel happy in their own skin and enjoy life without being controlled by food. In my own journey, I tried all the diets under the sun, but nothing worked! I just binged more.  

I was plain frustrated and didn't understand why nothing ever worked! It became my mission to find out!


Now that I'm a qualified Nutrition Consultant, it's become my calling to help women who are going through similar struggles like I did. That's why I created this 5-day Weight Loss Kickstart Bootcamp so I can lay out the exact action steps you need to finally stop yo-yo dieting, regain control over food so that you can lose weight once and for all!  

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