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A step-by-step blueprint to help you stop binge eating and lose weight for good by ending the yo-yo dieting cycle, emotional eating and constant snacking without feeling deprived or hungry so that they can regain control over food and enjoy the freedom you deserve

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Stop Binge Eating Program
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Complete Roadmap

The Stop Binge Eating Program is second-to-none in that it provides a complete solution with nutrition guidelines (to minimize physiological triggers), psychological techniques (to tackle underlying emotional triggers) and support to create long-lasting habit change. 
No more spinning the wheels or jumping from diet to diet. 
Simply follow the proven roadmap. One step at a time. 

Support and Accountability

Although this is a self-study program, you will receive weekly accountability and support emails with strategies and encouragement to motivate you to take action and to keep you on track.
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Lifetime Access

Progress at your own pace as you work through the steps. You have ongoing access to the materials. Habits take time to build. Take as long as you need. Don't rush through the process. Learn the essential skills to enjoy meals on social occasions, enjoy your favorite foods without feeling deprived whilst losing weight, and build confidence. With ongoing access to the materials, you can revisit the materials any time you need a refresher. 
What is included

The complete proven step-by-step system to help you overcome overeating (including yo-yo dieting, constant snacking, emotional eating and binge eating) through providing nutrition guidance and support, teaching you coping skills to manage cravings, uncomfortable emotions, urges and thoughts, re-incorporating trigger/binge foods and building confidence. (Never get your hopes up on another diet and no more relying on willpower!)


​​Kickstart Resources: Take action from Day 1 with the Quick Stop Guide + the 5-Day Kickstart Challenge 

Done-for-you Checklists and Action Tasks: No more spinning the wheels or trying to figure out everything on your own. Focus on the actions and habits that yield results. Reap the most benefits from your efforts, time and energy

Members-exclusive Resources and Support: access the members-only forum, FAQ's, exclusive action guides and challenges, premium deep-dive resources and community support

Weekly Accountability and Momentum Check-ins to cheer you on (no more starting something and not finishing! I've got your back!)

Lifetime Access to program materials and future updates (you're never alone in this journey)


Lifetime Access to the Premium Nutrition Resources Library

  • additional resources including tips and strategies and action guides to help you maximize and maintain results  e.g. Break Through The Weight Loss Plateau Guide

  • A resource library full of easy meal ideas, flexible meal structures

  • constantly updated!!



To avoid overwhelming you with information and action steps, the following bonuses will be released after you have completed the program.

28-day Metabolism Challenge 

A healthy metabolism is essential for weight loss and health. This challenge is designed to help you revive your metabolism and motivate you to support your metabolic health. 



14-day Reduce Your Sugar Intake Challenge 

Whilst cutting out sugar is not sustainable long-term, it can be helpful to learn to differentiate between cravings, habitual overeating and hunger. This challenge also gives you the opportunity to learn how to use natural sweeteness in food to satisfy cravings and reset your taste buds. 




The Advanced 3+2+0 Method for Weight Loss/Maintenance and Optimizing Health 

Upon completion of the program, you will learn how you can apply flexible dieting and balance health and weight loss/maintenance without feeling deprived or restricted. my 3+2+0 Weight Loss Club where continue to practise the skills and strategies you have learnt, focus on weight loss and health at the same time, participate in health and wellness challenges that move you closer to your goals



Exclusive opportunities and offers

  • Be on the VIP List: Be first in line to know about special events, workshops and premium upgrades (such as Personalized Nutrition Services and 1:1 Accountability with me) and receive special offers available only to members.

  • Members-only discounts and offers for services and upgrades

Invest in Yourself Now

Progress at your own pace

Original Investment: £499

NOW: £249

(one-time payment, ongoing access)

VIP Support

16 Weeks of Personalized Support


(original investment: £1299)

(personalized support, ongoing access to program materials, bonuses and updates)

Please note that due to the nature of our products/services, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

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About Me

I created the Stop Binge Eating Program to help women who are tired of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, night eating and/or binge eating and desperately want to lose weight and keep it off, using the same strategies that I (and many happy clients) used to enjoy life again without being controlled by food.


Whether you are stuck in the diet-binge cycle, or you jumped from diet to diet and just kept starting "on Monday" or you just feel overwhelmed in your journey to overcome binge eating, the Stop Binge Eating Program gives you a proven, step-by-step blueprint to get you back on track in your weight loss journey, so that you can get your eating under control, lose weight and transform your confidence.

From my own experience and the experiences of many previous clients, dieting and deprivation don't work, so I will teach you how to lose weight sustainably without starving yourself or depriving yourself of your favorite food.



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