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Your Thoughts Become Your Actions: Weight Loss Mindset (part 1/2)

Your thoughts become your actions

Thoughts --> Words --> Actions

Today I want to talk to you about the power of language(fun fact: I studied Linguistics before I studied nutrition).

How do you speak to yourself?

With love and compassion?

Or with hate and dismissiveness?

Be honest with yourself...what are your natural thought patterns throughout the day?

I'm talking about everything in general, not just your body. Are they more positive than negative?

If not, can you see how negative thought patterns produce real life negative outcomes?

Let me explain...

How you think affects the language you use.

The language you use determines your behavior and actions.

Here's an example...

If you constantly have negative thoughts...for example, you hate your body, you are a "failure" because you can't stay consistent, you're a "pig" because you lose control and eat everything at night, you're "lazy" because you miss a gym session...

...Will turn into words.

You will start speaking variations of those inner beliefs. And when thoughts become words, they begin to manifest into reality.

You fall off track, stop caring, and eat for comfort.

So, I am challenging you today to create new patterns.

Remember: Thoughts-->Words-->Actions.

So let's start with your thoughts.

If your overeating (whether they are full-blown binge episodes, emotional eating, boredom snacking, night eating, or self-sabotage...anything applies here) starts with negative thoughts,

let's create some more positive thoughts.

I want you to think of 3 things that you LOVE about yourself

Take those things you love about yourself and practise thinking about them regularly. Set a reminder on your phone so that every time the alarm goes off, you tell yourself those 3 things you love about yourself. Or even, create a screensaver with this list of things you love about yourself.

You will naturally and gradually develop more positive language. That gives you an inner power to feel you can truly be successful, to have a more positive outlook, then you will act on that feeling of success to get the results you desire, instead of turning to usual habits that hinder your success.

I truly believe that the way we speak to ourselves has a huge impact on the outcome, mostly because if we're focusing on positive, we manifest positive...and vice versa.

As Tony Robbins says, "where focus goes, energy flows." More often than not, I see people focused on all the bad, on everything they perceive as wrong...this WILL NOT create success!

I hope this makes sense.

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