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Which Tech Platform to Use: What Course Creators and Coaches Should Consider When Starting Out

If you' 're a course creator or a coach, think twice about tech when you're starting out! It is a tremendous amount of work to move platforms (and lots of unnecessary stress). Here are just some things to consider:

COST (in the long run)

Check how long the contract is for

If you're offered a sign-up discount, what will you be charged after the initial contract term is over?

Or if you go over the limit (e.g. storage/bandwidth limit, email sending limit etc.), how much more will you need to pay?

Your goal is to scale, so you need to know how much you may be paying in the future and if you're willing to pay that amount.


What features and limitations does the platform have?

Some common features course creators and coaches need:

  • appointment booking

  • blog

  • calendar

  • events (free/paid)

  • e-commerce

  • courses

  • shop

  • payment providers

  • international payment/currency

  • offering membership/recurring payments/payment plans

  • contact/opt-in forms/payment forms

  • community

  • integration with other software that you may be using e.g. webinar

  • email software integration

  • support elements i.e. how you can support your clients

Website vs Course Platform

Consider your tech capabilities, security, costs, features and flexibility of each option and what you can handle:

  • all-in-one?

  • self-hosting?

  • hosted website?

It might be tempting to choose the cheapest option to save money when you're just starting out, but remember, it can be a NIGHTMARE to migrate to another platform down the line once you scale.

Looking to incorporate webinars into your marketing strategy?

Whether you're looking for an all-in-one webinar platform, or you're looking to outsource the webinar setup, we've got you covered!

More information here:

Need help handling the tech?

I help course creators and coaches build out their courses and nurture funnel so that they don't need to be bogged down by the tech and can focus their precious time and energy on helping clients achieve their goals.

tech help for course creators and coaches

More information here:


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