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Peak District

We've always dreamt about taking Archie and Charlotte on holiday...but for a variety of reasons (lockdown, the amount of planning it involves), this still hasn't happened...

A couple of months ago, we knew we were going to Sheffield to attend my brother's graduation, so we debated whether we should stay in the area for a few days so that we could take Archie and Charlotte and explore the Peak District together...

Unfortunately, Archie passed away in the heatwave a few days prior to the trip at the age of 2 years 9 months.


Date: 24-26 July 2022

Peak District Day 1:

We travelled to Sheffield by train from London as we don't drive. The train was delayed and there were lots of other travellers. The train hardly had any spaces for bikes/wheelchairs/pushchairs so we had to sit in the corridor the whole time.

Many of the hotels we looked at were fully booked (even though we were already searching in advance) for those few days. Novoltel was the only hotel we could find in the city center, although the price tag certainly didn't come cheap (we paid almost £400 for 2 nights-only £24 of which was for the pet add-on)...

The size of the room was quite decent-I'd say it could easily accommodate 4 adults as there were two large beds.

In the afternoon, we went to Heights of Abraham-a tourist attraction consisting of cable car, a cafe with a view, a viewpoint, and two caves.

At £24 per head, I found this wayyyy overpriced.

For starters, the cable car ride was very short (probably only a couple of mins max).

Having said that, the view from the cable car was decent (probably the best of the day).

We had lunch at the cafe. We sat outdoor because Charlotte was with us and we wanted a view of the Peak District. However, the view wasn't the best representation of the peak district and was quite narrow in my opinion.

Although the attraction claims to provide a viewpoint, what I found was that all the views we could get were fairly limited and there simply wasn't anywhere we could get a more paranomic view of the Peak District. Views like this could be easily seen free of charge elsewhere,

There were two caverns in this attraction. Pets aren't allowed in these caves so I walked around with Charlotte whilst my family went on the guided tours. However, they found the tours and the caves disappointing as there wasn't much to see.

So at £24 per head, we checked this attraction off our bucket list as we've been wanting to visit for a while. But it's highly unlikely that we'll be visiting again (what a rip-off!).

After Heights of Abraham, we stopped by the Ladybower Reservoir for a few photos.

Peak District Day 2-Sheffield

We didn't do any sightseeing as it was the day for the graduation ceremony.

In the morning, we went to Tim Hortons, a Canadian fast food chain which serves breakfast at a set price of £3.49. The ambiance was very quiet, relaxing and comfortable.

In the evening, we had an awesome meal at the Lost and Found pub. Finding a restaurant that would let a cat in had proven to be a huge ordeal. Apparently, many "pet-friendly" restaurants would only allow dogs. But the Lost and Found had kindly allowed us to bring Charlotte in and even offered water to her!

Peak District Day 3-Bakewell town/Buxton

breakfast at Novotel

yes, we brought cooked chicken all the way from home...

Bakewell was absolutely lovely--exactly the type of quaint English towns that I absolutely adore. The drive there was nothing but breathtaking views of the Peak District. Finally, on our last day, I've managed to see what we've come here to see!! Even Charlotte got so excited during the ride that she wouldn't sit on our laps.

Bakewell town

riverside and Love Locks Bridge

And of course, we have to try the Bakewell tart here. So we went to a café for afternoon tea.

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