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What Science Says About Diets and Metabolism

This special episode is an excerpt from a previous masterclass.

In this episode, I will dive deeper into the science of weight loss, undereating and metabolism and how it relates to your struggles, causing symptoms like cravings, hunger, constantly thinking about food.

Episode Summary

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment was a study conducted in the 1940s that aimed to investigate the physical and psychological effects of prolonged food deprivation.

The experiment involved 36 healthy young men who were subjected to a semi-starvation diet of just 1,500 calories per day for six months.

The men experienced a range of physical and psychological symptoms, including extreme weight loss, weakness, fatigue, and depression.

The study revealed the damaging effects of restrictive diets on the body and mind, and underscored the importance of taking a balanced and sustainable approach to weight loss. Even today, the findings of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment continue to inform our understanding of the long-term impact of dieting on health and wellbeing.

Listen to the episode to find out how these effects are surprisingly similar to what you are experiencing right now!

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