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Mind Reader

-Read someone’s mind/ (Mind reader=noun) 能讀心的人(知道人的想法)

-An open book 完全能夠了解他思想或感情既人(亦可以用於表達一些容易明白既subject matter)/to be an open book


e.g. We came to an agreement long ago that the best method for us was being open books to each other. 我們很久以前達成協議對我們來說最好的辦法就是坦承

e.g. Is it better to be an open book or should you have a private life?

-Read someone like a book 很容易明白某人既真正想法💡

-It’s written all over your face 表情全都寫上臉上

Your face is easy to read


e.g. Amy is an open book. Her emotions are written all over her face.

-I know what you are up to ➡️ 我知道你想怎樣

-See right through 看穿/識破


e.g. C'mon, I'm not fooled that easily. I can see right through you/I know what you're up to 我沒有那麼亦上檔,我能夠看穿你


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