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Meal Prep Secrets: Cut Your Grocery Bill, Prep Faster Than Ever and Lose Weight Effortlessly

As we're talking all about meal planning and prepping this month, now that we've covered why meal planning and prepping is important and different ways you can make it work for you, now it's time to talk about how to do your grocery shopping.

You're probably thinking, if you're starting to do more meal prepping or planning, what should you stock up on at the shop, or do you need any special ingredients etc.

Episode Summary

1. choose meats, vegetables, and fruits that have a long shelf life.

If you're hoping that meal planning and prepping will save you time and money, you'll need to be really intentional and make sure that some of the food you buy will still be good after a week. I have the most luck with chicken, carrots, lettuce, apples, and frozen vegetables. Or an easier way of doing this is to buy frozen meat. Those are cheaper and can last a long time. Alternatively, if you're buying fresh meat, perhaps choose the ones that specifically say you can freeze as you get home. This way, you can keep them fresh for a long time.

2. Allocate time to freeze food...

... if you plan to shop for more than a week in advance.

Even if you buy food with a long shelf life, you will probably still need to freeze some of the food that you want to eat beyond the first week. This does not need to be complicated or take a lot of time. If you want to prep all of your meals at once, you'll also need to store extra portions in the freezer.

3. Get creative with fruit and veg.

Most fresh fruits will spoil after one week, so you will have to find creative ways to include fruit in your diet. For example, use browning bananas in muffins, use frozen fruits for smoothie bowls, and take advantage of already-preserved fruits, like applesauce.

4. Bananas

If you have the choice, buy bananas with different ripeness. From the green bananas to ready-to-eat ones, this way, you can let some of them ripen at home over the course of a week, and you'll still have some ripe bananas to enjoy.

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