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I tried memorizing the you know what NOT to do

I hope you are in high spirits 精神振奮 and ready to embark on 開始 an exciting journey towards mastering the English language!


Speaking of journeys, let me share a little anecdote 軼事with you that might bring a smile to your face 讓你的臉上露出笑容.


Back in the day, I once found myself with a hefty 厚厚的 English dictionary in hand, convinced that the secret to expanding my vocabulary lay in memorizing every single definition, starting from page 1.


Oh, the naivety! 🤦‍♂️ 太天真了! Little did I know that rote-learning 死記硬背 was about as effective as teaching a cat to bark! 我根本不知道死記硬背和教貓叫一樣有效 (=無效)!

At least I can laugh about it now...至少我現在可以笑過去的我……

But hey, now you know what NOT to do...! 那你現在知道不該做什麼了吧!

You can put away those flashcards and take a deep breath because I've got just the thing to revolutionize 徹底改變 your approach 方法 to learning English.

你可以把那些生字卡收起來,因為我將徹底改變你學習英語的方法。 🎉

(oh, btw, have you checked out my free guide "Improve Your Vocabulary: 15 Must-Know Words" you requested access to?)


It's your golden ticket to mastering the nuanced 細微差別 words and expressions that will catapult your language skills to new heights, not only for exams but also in your daily life.


Inside, you'll find a collection of carefully curated 精心挑選的 vocabulary, handpicked to enrich 豐富 your writing and everyday conversations.

If you're ready to dive into 深入探索 this treasure trove 寶庫 of linguistic 語言 wonders but something got in the way 遇到了阻礙, download your free guide now.



​Remember, learning English isn't and shouldn't be a chore 苦差... it is an exciting adventure!

Let's break free from the mundane 平凡 and embrace the power of captivating 迷人的vocabulary.



FREE GUIDE: Level Up Your English With These 15 Must-Know Words

Your Passport to English Proficiency 真正提升英語水平,不再成為考試制度的奴隸

Take your English to new heights with a customized study plan, daily learning materials and expert guidance and feedback, all at your fingertips. 量身定做的學習計劃、每日學習材料及專業指導及意見,有系統地迅速提升英語水平

Gain exclusive access to a growing library of premium learning materials and propel yourself towards English mastery today. 學好英文,打開機會之門,機會就在你指尖

Study with me and open doors of opportunity 瀏覽課程


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