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How to Get Back on Track After Overeating

Do you ever feel like you're always yo-yo dieting? Something always seems to get in the way of your weight loss attempts...

I know that it can be tough to lose weight, but with these tips, you can easily get back on track and reach your goals and not let one meal spiral out of control.

In this episode, I'm going to show you the secret to getting back on track after overeating episodes, whether you went to a party, or it was the holiday season, or you travelled abroard... These strategies are simple and work every time. I've even included some case studies to inspire you. Listen now to break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle and keep the weight off for good.

Episode Summary

If you've been trying to diet, you've probably realized that something always seems to get in the way of your weight loss journey, whether that's dinner invitations, family get-togethers, holidays, or simply an overeating or binge eating episodes, all those things that we're so terrified of.


There's no such thing as perfect eating. Overeating is normal eating and it is a common occurrence. It happens to everyone. The important thing is what you do after these episodes, these special events so that it doesn't spiral out of control.

Why Do We Feel Particularly Hungry After Overeating?

  • Blood sugar levels and insulin

  • Hunger hormones

  • The type of foods consumed

  • Mindset

  • Alcohol, associated physical effects and impaired judgement

Key tips for getting back on track after overeating without resorting to dieting or restrictive eating patterns:

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  • Prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods Examples of nutrient-dense foods include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Minimize caffeine intake.

  • Practise self-compassion and manage negative self-talk.

  • Light physical activities

Case Study: Emma (graduate of the Stop Binge Eating Program)

Emma used to be heavily involved in bodybuilding competitions when she was in her twenties, so she was used to following very strict diet rules and macros. Even though she no longer competes in bodybuilding competitions, she still couldn't get rid of that restrictive mindset. Before joining the Stop Binge Eating program, she attempted different very restrictive diets all the time, and she still had this idea of having cheat days every week at the back of her mind, but obviously, because she no longer competes, she was quite lenient with herself and there was no urgent reason for her to get back on track. And when she said cheat days, she never just had 1. And 1 cheat day often turned into 2 and then into the whole week. So throughout the Stop Binge Eating Program, Emma reframed her mindset and worked on her thinking patterns. First, we got rid of the term "cheat days" from her vocabulary, because there's a naughty, shameful feeling often associated with cheating. But in fact, food is meant to be enjoyed. She also learned to be kind and compassionate towards herself because she now understands that food is meant to be enjoyed and that one indulgent meal doesn't mean she's ruined her progress.

By making these simple mindset shifts, Emma was able to break free from the vicious cycle of guilt and overeating. and she sees food differently now. There's nothing wrong with taking pleasure from food. As she's learnt that eating can be and should be enjoyable, she incorporates these fun foods into her diet on a regular basis, so there's no longer a need for cheat days. Therefore, her eating has become a lot more regular and consistent, allowing her to lose weight.

I hope Emma's story has inspired you with ways to reframe your mindset and avoid negative self-talk.

Remember, overeating during weekends or holidays is a normal part of life. It's important to remember that there's no such thing as a perfect diet, and that restricting yourself can actually lead to more overeating. there's no such thing as a perfect diet, and balance and moderation are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Remember that it's never too late to get back on track and that small steps can lead to big changes.

If you're struggling with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, or binge eating, the Stop Binge Eating Program can help you break the cycle and learn to enjoy special occasions without guilt. It covers not just your eating, but also helps you make important mindset shifts and overcome self-sabotaging behavior and thinking. Mastering these skills is essential if you actually want to break this cycle and lose weight for good. You can check out the Stop Binge Eating Program at


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