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FAQ: Why do I provide "meal plans" if I am against dieting?

My philosophy of sustainable weight loss is "moderation, not restriction".

Many of us have been through the journey of excitedly jumping on a diet only to fail the next day...because diets tend to be too restrictive, leading us to crave "forbidden" foods.

"Eat this, not that"

"Don't eat more than X calories"

"Cut carbs, cut fats"

"Veggies are good for you. Sweets are bad..."

We've heard it all, haven't we?

And those are the rules that led us to crave foods and cave in the first place...the rules that have kept many in the yo-yo dieting cycle.

So if we all know diets don't work; and more importantly, as a qualified Nutrition Consultant, I know that diets and restriction aren't the way to go, why have I decided to still offer meal templates in my programs and services?

My philosophy

I am a huge advocate of having 3 meals and 2 snacks so that meals are spaced out, and you don't end up starving and binging. This way of eating also helps you work with your body again so that cravings and binge urges go down, and excess weight comes off gradually.

I always encourage my clients to meal plan in advance, especially in the early stages because they are still adjusting to this new way of eating and ditching the diet mentality. The 3 meals and 2 snacks structure is flexible enough to fit most people's schedules and lifestyles, and is not limited to any food preferences. You can still eat out, go to parties, have your favorite foods while following this structure.

The Role of Meal Structures in my Programs and Services

Many of my clients, when they first come to me, have been dieting for so many years that they have forgotten how to eat "normally". They may have relied on meal replacement products, Weight Watchers meals. Or they may have a long list of "good" or "bad" foods that severely limit their food choices.

In this journey of working with your body again and shifting away from the rigidity of dieting, having access to meal plans, meal ideas and recipes can be a stepping stone to a more free-style way of eating.

Just think of someone who has recently broken a leg. The leg would be put in a cast, and they may need crutches.

Meal plans are much akin to the cast and the crutches, providing support for someone who has been dieting for years and has lost touch with what "normal" eating might mean or what hunger or fullness means.

These resources also help clients gradually re-incorporate the foods they deem "bad" or "forbidden" back into their diets, all while they are acquiring and building the skills to change their mindset, tolerate emotions, and manage negative thoughts or cravings.

For clients whom I work 1:1 with, meal planning is a collaborative effort and their plans and recipes are personalized, depending on their current struggles, needs (dietary, preferences, time, schedule etc), and their ultimate goals.

As clients have unlimited access to me, their plans are adjusted as frequently as necessary, sometimes even on a daily basis, and personal check-ins and accountability are provided so that clients are best supported.

As for clients opting for programs or services offering only community support, the library of meal-planning resources still proves invaluable in that they are taught the essential skills of gradually re-introducing "fear" foods back into their diets, and adjusting their eating plans based on their schedules, needs and goals. These clients still have access to a community of like-minded women who have been through similar struggles, and I pop in personally to answer questions on a regular basis.

For individuals who are simply too busy to cook and are used to ordering take-outs, there is a plethora of one-pot, quick recipes or prep-ahead recipes so that they are stocked with nutritious, healthy options.

The Bottom-Line

While meal planning is often viewed as rigid, in my work with clients, we take a much more flexible and gentle approach as adjustments and swap meals are possible.

Plus, it is up to our clients whether or not they want to follow the guidance of a meal plan. If they are ready, they can free-style and have the flexibility to enjoy the freedom of choosing what they want to include in their daily diet!

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