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Daily English (13102022): Black Magic

今天的新聞取自 BBC World News。我們除看看新聞內的字彙,還會看一下學vocab的技巧。

Two women killed in suspected (疑似) human sacrifice (人祭)

Police in the southern Indian state of Kerala have arrested three people for allegedly murdering two women in a suspected case of human sacrifice.

The remains (殘骸) of the women, who were allegedly (據稱) murdered months apart, were found on Tuesday.

Police say the accused (被告) - a couple and another man - "severely tortured (折磨)" the victims before killing them.

They say they have confessed (承認) to the crime and an investigation is under way (正在進行調查).

The accused haven't commented yet on the allegations (指控) as they are in police custody (拘留).


以下是幾個看英文報紙時常遇到的生字(及相關字詞):suspect, allege, accuse

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