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Common Error: Everyone vs Every one, Everyday vs Every day


  • =everybody “每人/所有人”

  • 記住之後 verb 是第三身單數 (third preson singular) e.g. everybody has a pencil

Every one

  • =each,解作“每一個”,即不一定是人,可以是物件或動物

  • 由於解作“每一個”,大多需要指出每個什麼 e.g. every one of us

sample sentence:

I have cleaned every one of those chairs so that everyone will have a seat upon arrival.



更常見的錯誤在 "everyday" 及 "every day"


  • "everyday" 是adjective

  • 等同“daily”

  • e.g. Going to school is part of my everyday life. 上學是我日常生活的一部分。

Every day

  • "every day" 是 adverb,解作“每日”

  • e.g. I go to school every day 我每天上學


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