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Discover 20 Color Idioms to Boost Your English Vocabulary (part 2/4)

Are you ready to paint your language palette with even more vibrant color idioms?

In this second part of my 4-part series of color idioms, we will explore 5 more captivating idiomatic expressions.

Idioms are like brushstrokes that bring life and creativity to your conversations and writing. So, let's dive into this kaleidoscope of color idioms and unlock the power of expression!



Paint the town red

Definition: To go out and have a great time, usually by celebrating or partying. 狂歡一番

Example: After the final exams, the students decided to paint the town red.

Note: The color red is often associated with joy and enthusiasm.

Yellow-bellied (adj. phrase)

Definition: Cowardly or lacking courage 膽小的

Example: He's too yellow-bellied to confront his fears.

Usage: This idiom is used to describe someone who is easily frightened or lacks bravery.

Note: The term "yellow-bellied" refers to the pale color associated with fear or cowardice.

Purple patch (n. phrase)

Definition: A period of great success, creativity, or good fortune. This idiom describes a time or phase marked by exceptional achievements. 一段出色的時期

Example: The author's latest novel represents a purple patch in her writing career.

記憶方法: The phrase is believed to have originated from the idea of purple patches in fabric representing luxury.

Caught red-handed

Definition: To be caught in the act of doing something wrong or illegal. 當場抓獲

Example: The thief was caught red-handed stealing from the store.

Silver lining

Definition: A positive aspect or outcome in a seemingly negative situation. 一線希望

Sentence: The silver lining of losing the competition was the valuable lessons learned.

Note: The phrase originates from the idea of a silver edge around a dark cloud.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate color idiom:

  1. They decided to _______________ after their big achievement.

  2. Despite the challenges, there was a _______________ in the situation.

  3. The thief was _______________ while trying to escape.

  4. He's known for being _______________ when it comes to taking risks.

  5. Her recent promotion marked a _______________ in her career.

(scroll to the bottom to check your answers)

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Answer Key:

  1. Paint the town red

  2. Silver lining

  3. Caught red-handed

  4. Yellow-bellied

  5. Purple patch


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