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Charlotte's Birthday Party

Date: 28 September, 2022

Today is Charlotte's 3rd Birthday! (Sadly, also her first birthday without her brother Archie, and she’s been acting so lonely and sad lately it truly breaks our hearts. Of course, we still miss our boy Archie every day, so we hope Charlotte feels herself again soon after losing her closest buddy)

On a more paw-sitive note, all the food for our birthday party was both human and cat-friendly.

🎃 pumpkin cheesecake specially made for Charlotte (flourless, gluten-free, no added sugar or sweetener)

🎏salmon egg bake

🎂Creme brûlée

I realized we forgot to light candles after we'd already cut and served the cake. It was ok though coz every time we talk about how last year's lotus-shaped, blooming, music candle absolutely terrified Archie, we're still laughing about the experience.

Also want to celebrate your cat's big day with a home-cooked meal made with love, but don't know where to start?

Check out the Gourmet Purrfection Cookbook-packed full of cat and human-friendly recipes


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