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Charlotte in the Snow

⛄ Snow ❄️Snow ❄️ Snow! ⛄

What a rarity these days! 💕

So Charlotte is definitely taking her time enjoying the novelty of walking on the snow 🐾🐾🐾

...certainly a different feeling, right?

⛄ Snow ⛄ (but not the freezing temperature that accompanies the snow lol) and 🎄Christmas are my favorite parts of winter!

Luckily, today we finally have snow here in London 🇬🇧...and 🎄 Christmas is just around the corner!

So it's pretty much a perfect day! 💯💯

And Charlotte agrees. 😽😽

Bonus photos:

In memory of Archie: Archie with my mom's snowman 09022021

Mr Socks (a stray cat that we feed) in the snow

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