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Built-in Webinar Tools to Keep Your Audience Engaged and Increase Sales and Conversion

Evergreen webinars are on the rise.

Online course creators and coaches are harnessing the power of evergreen webinars to build trust, connect with their audience and sell their offers on autopilot...because let's face launching is energy-draining.

Indeed, evergreen webinar can be a great asset in your business because you just have to do it once and put it on autopilot.

If done right, it's almost like a stream of passive income.

All you have to do is focus on what you do best: Deliver your clients or students the results that they desire.

To reap the benefits of evergreen webinars,

let's break down the entire webinar funnel process into 3 parts:

  • pre-webinar

  • webinar

  • post-webinar

Each part plays a role in your success


🌻🌻 Encourage your webinar registrants to show up

(hint: turning on just-in-time webinars allows your audience to join a webinar almost immediately)

🌻🌻 Use social proof

Provide testimonials of what previous webinar attendees have gotten out of your webinar to encourage your registrants to show up to the webinar, so they can get value from you on the webinar and want to buy from you.

During the Webinar

🌻🌻Engage your audience

I personally use WebinarKit with chat functionalities to allow comments and questions, polls

🌻🌻 Use handouts, stay-till-the-end bonuses

I can even offer webinar workbooks/handouts to keep them engaged and encourage them to take notes. If they are distracted, they won't learn anything and they'll just have wasted their time...

This is also another angle you can use to encourage your audience to attend

I set my handouts and bonuses to be delivered at specific times during the webinar (LOVE THIS FEATURE!)

🌻🌻 Offer buttons

Another of my favorite features!

I can set certain buttons to be shown to my audience at certain points of the webinar, so they don't have to type in ugly URLs into their browser and they won't wait till they have more time on hand...

Minimize the chances of wrong URLs

Make the buying process as easy as possible

Post-Webinar Follow-up

I'd argue that the post-webinar follow-up is possibly the most important factor in whether or not you can call your webinar a success.

Because you can recoup sooo many sales if this is done right.

Email sequence

Integrate with your email service providers or send from the software directly. You can even segment your webinar attendees into "attended", "did not attend", "watched 25%", "watched 50%", "watched 75%" and send them different emails if you wish

Send replays

Make your offers again-sometimes people need to hear the same offer more than once, and in different angles, before it "clicks"

Use testimonials and case studies

Create reliability, build trust and authority

Send more testimonials and remind them why they showed up in the first place

Ready to enroll more clients with evergreen webinars?

Sign up using this link and receive a special bonus from me (post-webinar follow-up emails)

the one-time pricing for WebinarKit is going away soon.

I've personally used it in my nutrition practice and I love it.

Whether you're looking for an all-in-one webinar platform, or you're looking to outsource the webinar setup, we've got you covered!

Check out the latest offer here:


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