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"Believe" vs "Believe in" 的區別

Have you ever wondered about the difference between "believe" and "believe in"? These two phrases may seem similar, but they actually have different meanings and uses in English. Let's take a closer look at each one.

你是否清楚“相信”和“相信”之間的區別? "Believe" and "Believe in" 看起來很相似,但實際上在英語中具有不同的含義和用法。



"Believe" is a verb that means to accept something as true or real.

"Believe" = 相信, 是一個動詞,意思是接受某事為真實或真實存在。


  • I believe that aliens exist. 我相信外星人存在。

  • Do you believe him when he says he's innocent? 當他說他是無辜的時候,你相信他嗎?

Near Synonyms for "Believe" -近義詞:

  • Trust 信任

  • Accept 接受

  • Hold 持有

Believe in

"Believe in" means to have faith or confidence in something or someone. It can also be used to support or endorse a particular idea or cause.

"Believe in" = 對...有信心, 表示對某事/某人有信仰或信心。它還可以表示支持或贊同特定的想法。


  • I believe in the power of positive thinking. 我相信積極思考的力量。

  • He believes in helping others in need. 他相信幫助他人是值得的。

  • Do you believe in love at first sight? 你相信一見鍾情嗎?

Near Synonyms for "Believe In" - 近義詞:

  • Have faith in 有信仰

  • Have trust in 信任

  • Support 支持

  • Endorse 贊同

It's important to note that "believe in" is often used when talking about abstract or intangible things, such as ideas, values, or principles.

"Believe" is more commonly used when talking about concrete or tangible things, such as facts or evidence.

重要的是要注意,"Believe in" 通常用於談論抽象或無形的事物,如想法、價值觀或原則。



  • I believe that the Earth is round. (concrete/tangible) 我相信地球是圓的。

  • I believe in equality for all. (abstract/intangible) 我相信所有人都應該平等。

Believe someone vs Believe in someone?

"Believe Someone" Usage 相信某人

When it comes to "believe," there is another common usage that is worth exploring: "believe someone."

This phrase is used when you accept what someone is saying as true, without necessarily having confidence in that person.

"Believe someone"是在你接受某人所說的話為真實時使用,而不一定對該人有信心。

Example: I believe you when you say you didn't steal the money. 當你說你沒偷錢的時候,我相信你。

"Believe in Someone" Usage 對某人有信心

On the other hand, "believe in someone" is used when you have faith, trust, or confidence in a person's abilities or potential.

"Believe in someone"是在你對某人的能力或潛力有信心、信任或有信仰時使用。


I believe in you and your ability to achieve your goals. 我對你和你實現目標的能力有信心。

Bottom Line

As you can see, "believe" and "believe in" can have similar meanings, but they are used in different contexts.

"Believe" is used when accepting something as true, while "believe in" is used when having faith or confidence in something or someone or supporting a particular idea or cause.

"Believe" and "Believe in" 可以有類似的意思,但它們在不同的語境中使用。"Believe"用於接受某事為真實,而 "Believe in"則表示對某事或某人有信仰或信心,或支持特定的想法。

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