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婦女節 International Women's Day 英文

  • observance 儀式/慣例

  • in honor/honour of +noun 為了紀念 e.g. in honor of the cultural, political and socio-economic achievements of women

  • fall one.g. falls on 8 March

  • advocate (v.) 提倡/ (n.) 倡導者

  • dignity (n.) 尊嚴

  • commemorate (v.) 紀念

  • suffrage 選舉權

  • diversity (n.) 多樣性/差異

  • inclusion 包容 vs exclusion 排擠

  • stereotype 固有刻板印象

  • workplace 工作場所

  • female-headed households 女性主導家庭

  • patriarchal 重男輕女/父系 (adj.) society vs matriarchal

  • a sea change 巨變=profound change (e.g. a sea change in cultural attitudes)

  • unjust (adj.) 不公平的

  • vindication (n.) 平反-A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (by Mary Wollstonecraft)

  • scorn (v.) 鄙視

  • contempt (n.) 鄙視

  • iniquity (n.) 罪孽

  • sexual harassment (n.) 性騷擾

  • segregation (n.) 分離

  • empowerment (n.)賦權

  • violation of rights (n.)侵犯權利


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