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The 3+1Must-Know Secrets
To Regain Control Over Food

(Lose Weight for Good Without Counting Calories, Cutting Out Your Favorite Foods or Relying on Your Willpower)

Hosted by: Helen Wong, Nutrition Consultant

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Hey, I'm Helen-a Nutrition Consultant specializing in helping women stop yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, nighttime eating and binge eating, so that they can lose weight for good, feel happy in their own skin and enjoy life without being controlled by food. In my own journey, I tried all the diets under the sun, but nothing worked! I just binged more.  


It wasn't until I became a Nutrition Consultant that I learnt why all my past attempts failed. That's why in this masterclass, I'll be unveiling the 3 secrets you need to know to finally stop overeating and regain control over food!  

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