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My Own Journey

25 kg lost !!

the United States

Cathy had struggled with binge eating (especially on carbs such as bread and pasta), nighttime overeating and yo-yo dieting for many years. Her overeating was almost like a habit. Having tried many different diets for decades, she would like to commit to a sustainable, balanced eating plan and stop having to diet as she realized the diets she had tried only worked for a short while but never addressed the root causes of her binge eating. 

During our work together, Cathy re-established her eating pattern in a way that is sustainable and allowed her to eat without restricting her food choices. We analyzed her binge triggers and she learnt coping skills to not act on her binge urges and cravings. In particular, we worked on her evening routine to replace triggering habits and activities with more relaxing and enjoyable routines with her family. We also worked through her self-sabotaging thoughts and she has started to trust herself and "found hope and inner happiness". Physically, she also felt that she had more energy, and she reported being able to think more clearly. Psychologically, she felt "more emotionally balanced" and "more confident" in herself. 

She found the support in the Stop Binge Eating Program particularly helpful: 

"I wanted to commit to a balanced eating program and stop dieting forever! You were very welcoming and easy to talk with! The diets I tried worked for a short while- but did not address the underlying causes of my bineging cycles. I am feeling physically much better. I have more energy. I am also able to think much more clearly. I am feeling more emotionally balanced. I am more confident in myself as well! You are very supportive , positive, motivating and encouraging without judgement!!!! I absolutely would recommend your services. I beleive in your program and services for success to end binge eating for everyone! Honestly I feel you are absolutley wonderful ! very warm and personable. Easy to talk with!!!extremely grateful to you !!!!!"

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What Our Clients Say

Dipanshu Rawal 
Stop Binge Eating Program

Netflix and food used to be Dipanshu's perfect companions when he was feeling low or depressed.  Food was his way of coping and his way of distracting himself from reality. 

He was experiencing symptoms of depression... although he wasn’t ready to admit that his life was falling apart and that he needed to do something about it...

Flipping on Netflix and eating his emotions seemed like the easier options...


His relationship with food became toxic.

He became overweight, and people could tell that from how many inches he had gained around his belly. He also looked older than his age.

From a slim high school teenager, he entered his 20s with an overgrown belly.

His binge eating and emotional eating habit was taking a huge toll on his physical health, mental wellbeing and his confidence.

Before coming to work with me, he focused solely on diets...ignoring all the other pieces of the puzzle like his emotions, thinking style and coping skills, all of which directly contributed to his emotional eating patterns. 


That's why during our time together, we placed a huge emphasis on not just his nutrition, but more importantly, how he could react effectively to his emotions, coping with difficult situations, thoughts and urges without turning to food. 

I helped him: 

  • identify his emotional, situational and day-to-day triggers 

  • develop a targeted plan for each of these triggers so that he knew exactly what to do when these situations arise

  • develop effective coping strategies so that he could calm down from a heightened state of emotions and reduce urges quickly, so that he could have a clearer headspace to tackle the problems/situations at hand effectively 

  • break the pattern of flipping on Netflix each night and eating his emotions 

Within 3 weeks, he has stopped binge eating and emotional eating altogether and is still maintaining his progress 3 years on: 


"After having 3 sessions with you and working with all the tips you offered - I've altogether stopped binge eating and overeating. Like literally stopped it.


It's been 2.5 years since working with you, and I don't recall any instance where I did overeating or binge eating. I'm so thankful for your support in this journey and I loved how much your support helped me in my life.

thank you so very much, Helen!"

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In fact, he's experienced such a dramatic and life-changing transformation that he's documented our work together on his blog. I'm extremely honored to be featured:

From emotional eating to weight loss in 3 weeks

You can read more about his story here

jane testimonial headshot
Stop Binge Eating Program 

Jane used to dread the holiday season due to parties and family gatherings, knowing that they would all revolve around food.

Jane had struggled with binge eating and overeating for years, and the holiday season exacerbated her problem. She would try to stick to her diet, but inevitably, she would give in to temptations and end up feeling guilty and ashamed.

After working through one of the most important modules "Reincorporating your Trigger Foods" in the Stop Binge Eating Program, she learned how to enjoy her favorite treats in moderation and without guilt and she's developed a much healthier relationship with food and her body. She no longer worries about counting calories or restricting her favorite holiday treats, because she had learned how to tune in to her body's hunger and fullness signals.


And the best part? Jane no longer gains weight from holiday meals. In fact, she's able to enjoy precious time with her family without feeling bloated, uncomfortable, or guilty.

She finds the techniques of setting healthy boundaries, planning ahead, and how she can create a structure and routine the most helpful, Jane is now able to navigate the holiday season with ease. She no longer feels controlled by her cravings or her emotions, but instead feels empowered to make healthy choices that support her body and her goals.

Stop Binge Eating Program

Sara used to feel so stressed and overwhelmed during the holiday season that she'd rather go to work than stay at home, and she'd often turn to food for comfort.

After joining the Stop Binge Eating Program, Sara's learned other ways to cope with her emotions and create new family traditions that focused on connection and joy. She's also set much better boundaries and expectations with her extended family.

Sara decided to start a new family tradition: instead of spending hours in the kitchen cooking elaborate meals, she started taking her family on outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing. Not only did this give them an opportunity to be active and enjoy nature, but it also created lasting memories and strengthened their family bonds.

Sara also started incorporating more physically and mentally nourishing foods into their holiday meals, like roasted vegetables and homemade soups. She found that her children were more willing to try new foods when they were involved in the preparation process, and they even started requesting healthy meals and snacks on their own. Thanks to these changes, Sarah is now able to enjoy the holiday season in a whole new way. She no longer felt trapped by the stress and expectations of the season, but instead felt empowered to create her own unique family traditions and activities. And best of all, she found that her relationships with her children were stronger than ever before.

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Just have a think...what would you like your future to look like?

~Janie Whitney, Morecambe, Stop Binge Eating Program

~Yvette, Northampton, Stop Binge Eating Program

Ready to commit but the investment is holding you back? 

~Cheryl Thomas, Leeds, Stop Binge Eating Program

What do you envision your future to look like?

cynthia testimonial.png

"​I love the layout of the program so far. I have been consistently tracking my meals (5 meals a day) for the last 2 weeks. This is the first time that I have been consistent with it and it feels good. I am being mindful but also thinking about some of the things that are spoken about in the videos. I have not had any binges since I began the new year. I am so tired of the vicious cycle that has been plaguing me my entire life and made the commitment to do whatever I could do within my power to finally end this hurtful cycle I have done for so long. 

This has been super insightful for me. In the past, I always focused on dieting and weight loss, and I never viewed it as exactly what was setting me back! I always thought if I just worked out harder and ate healthier then I would break the cycle, even if my eating periods were infrequent. Now I know for sure that the infrequencies have been my downfall and the root cause of my binges and overeating. I have always been really super focused on dieting and over-exercising. I would always feel super hungry, which again would drive me to binge. Now I am taking a relaxed approach where I am not focusing on exercising, but more on what I am eating.


It amazes me in that I have had the tools within my reach within my entire life to stop binging, but I never recognized them till now. Such an incredibly simple idea: no dieting and eating consistently daily and it’s not a new idea but I never aligned with it till now.

I think the program is very well planned out and thoughtful. Such a simplistic approach but with a profound impact. I want to say thank you for offering this to me as well as anyone else who needs it because I see the value of the program and know it can really help people."


​~Cora B., UK, Stop Binge Eating Program

I would like to say a huge thank you for great meal plan and recipes. Always there to answer a question too xx

~Jacqui Croll, Dundee, 1:1 nutrition consultation


Great session

~Dom, London, 1:1 nutrition consultation

The content was very clear to me
I got to think if I’m really hungry or bored.
Thank you so much!

~Nilma F., Stop Binge Eating Program

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